Monday, April 19, 2010

Visions of Zimbabwe

I am sure many of you will have noticed the new banner that has been posted on the site and I would like to let you know a little about it. It is the work of a friend of mine, Steward Rickards, a seven foot giant who now spends his days screaming around Zimbabwe in his Hilux (one of the few Toyotas not recalled) or up in a hot air balloon. Where-ever he is, he has his camera, and lenses so hardcore the Hubble Space telescope seems a little lame.

Dinner of kings.

He has an incredible passion for what he does and he has been kind enough to take me on a couple of trips. And when we have been, we have seen Africa like no tourist will ever see it. Not from the safety of a jeep but right up at the front lines. We have tracked lions, always with an armed ranger, but trust me on this one, when the lion gets angry that gun never seems big enough. 

Stunning cat...
... and then you kak yourself

He does this so he can get some of the most amazing wildlife pictures you have ever seen, National Geographic may as well be doing family portraits. While the rest of us chill out and do a bit of fishing and mosquito swatting he has got the camera ready for something to happen. A couple of years ago he caught pictures of hyenas fighting crocs over an impala, right up there with the Battle of Kruger. Amazing stuff, and chances of ever seeing it again are, well, squat. 

Shame, the fishing was tough for us - At one point we ran out of beer.

He has put all his pictures together in a book titled Visions of Zimbabwe. I feel bad posting up photos directly off the site as I have not had permission to do so, but you will be able to see for yourself how talented he is. If you are at all into Safari, Wildlife, Nature, or just a tree hugging vibe this will be a book you want on your shelf. The images are absolutely stunning.

The launch will only be happening later on and so I will keep you up to date.

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