Tuesday, April 13, 2010

World Cup Reality By David Newton

A couple of years ago I made a complete tit of myself when while attending a stand-up show of a guy I had  never heard of, my mate introduced me to a new character. Very nice dude, almost too nice with some jokes that were just a bit strange for someone I had just met. Twenty minutes later that same cat was up on the stage... Ah! It then made sense, and had I not been kicking myself for not knowing who he was I would have been having a good chuckle about the jokes he had just told us.

The man in question has made quite a name for himself since then, and last I heard he had moved to Vegas to try his humor on the American crowd. Very brave step. His name is David Newton and he is one of the most hysterical, down-to-earth comics you could ever hope to see. Siv Ngesi, who I spoke about last month (here) and who is doing a show next month, was somewhat mentored by David. So the guy knows his stuff. David has given his view on the World Cup and where he sees Bafana Bafana going, got to love it. Enjoy!

You can catch up with David on his website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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