Monday, May 17, 2010

Makaraba = Instant Rockstar

Every so often I get asked to write a post about something I really would rather remove my legs with the blunt end of a squirrel than even think twice about it... Not sure where I came up with that but I am sure it would be very painful, and the squirrel probably would not be all that stoked with life (I swear this has not already been tried before some animal fanatic starts sending me death threats).

I was sent this a couple of days ago and I kind of dig them. They are Makaraba hats and the reason I really like them is that they do not have any branding apart from team names and last time I checked that was okay with FIFA, you know them. They are the bastards who have sued every poor bastard that had anything even remotely branded on their products. They sued some poor guy who was selling keyrings that had a vuvuzella and "2010" on them. Selling them for what, R20, leave the guy with some dignity FIFA!

So, please everyone buy one of these hats. Not because they are just generally AWESOME! But because they pretty much scream "F**K YOU FIFA! We came for the football" And I am okay with that.

Points to find the blonde that is rocking the Makaraba!

Check out the website for more details and catch up with them on Facebook. If you want to know more don't feel shy to get hold of me.

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