Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Zimbos Tribute to the World Cup!

I firstly would like to apologize for such a poor appearance recently but there has been a lot going on. From Tuesday everything will get back to relative normality... What ever that is.

Anyway, to the main event! I like nothing more than finding out what mates of mine have been getting up to since we all packed house and left Zim. There have been rumours of a one of the guys doing the pole dancing vibe in the UK... Not sure if he ever wanted that little gem to go public, unlucky!

Most recently I was sent a tribute to the Soccer World Cup by a mate of mine. I have been meaning to put it up for a while but have failed. Here it is, straight from Chenjera, WOZA 2010. To do justice to the tune you are going to need some volume. Enjoy!

Catch up with Chenjera on Facebook to find out what else is in the pipeline, Murray "Mantis" Mansfield is the man behind it.

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