Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Parlotones Dirty German Video

Okay, much hype today about the Parlotones. You must have heard at some point that they have changed from what we typically know as a Proudly South African band to a bunch of German supporting swine... Wrong team chaps. Honestly, I do think it is shocking and that they have shot themselves in the foot with their South African fan base but they were probably just offered more money than KFC was willing to offer (only a limited number of individuals are satisfied being paid in buckets of deep fried chicken). And you know what, I kinda like the song, it really is not half bad... Apart from it obviously being the wrong team. Enjoy!

[Source 2OceansVibe]


Ads Mitchell said...

Very controversial video and funny enough could still be an OK song. A follow up I thought worth sharing as I saw your post earlier chap. Please follow or copy/paste: http://twitter.com/2oceansvibe/status/16250562988

Murray said...

Thanks for that. Will be putting up another post in a couple of days about this.