Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prepare For Vuvuzela Melt Down!

So, any of you in Cape town will have seen the ****-off big vuvuzella in town, it is pretty cool, and to be honest I am not a huge fan of the things. There are huge concerns as to people losing their hearing, personally i think the concerns are a little late. During the Confederations cup last year they would break from the studio to the game and blood would immediately start to trickle from your ears. And that was on the bloody television... Jesus, being in the stadium will cause your brain to boil unless you read this article before hand... You have been warned!

There is something that I do think is quite cool, it is this whole "bring the gees" vibe, I dig it! This is one that has my attention at the moment, a mate of mine is involved with it. On Friday June 11th at noon okes will rock their horns and make a kak load  of noise. Will be awesome if they can get the message around, which is partially what I am here for. So, get off your lame horse and get involved, check out the Facebook event here and make some bloody noise!

Bring the Gees!

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