Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vuvuzela Ban?

So, as with all great rumors, no one really seems to know the extent to which this is true. Overseas they have been banned, great, they don't belong to you anyway. From a purely marketing view though, the vuvuzela is what this World Cup thrives on. Sure, the fans make a fair amount of noise without them, but the vuvuzela makes it South African! They had a great point on the radio yesterday about Zakumi being a flop, maybe not a flop but I can't stand the thing. Why has it not worked, isn't it obvious, he was never going to out perform the vuvuzela!

For those of you who can't handle, you better get used to it otherwise you are uniquely effed over the rest of the month. Otherwise, because I'm a nice guy (not really), you can pick up some of these bad boys!
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