Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woolworths French Toast

So I have been sent this four times today and it has only just twelve o'clock. I feel that warrants it a position here. Woolies stepping out and taking a little stab at the Frenchies, it is great.

A couple of months ago I took a good stab at Woolies for their new corporate ID (article here). It made no sense to me, it just seemed to have lost the "Woolies feel",  and I am beginning to realize that was the point. Traditionally Woolies has been an upmarket shopping line that Constantia residents could pick up something quickly on their way home from work. Now it is so much more, it is a convenience shop, coffee house and a lifestyle. They have grasped social media and they are going for it balls to the walls, it's great!

So, this is my little apology for taking a stab. Because I have taken to it and I love the new branding. Nice one guys!

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