Friday, July 23, 2010

Aking Rocking With an Educated Model

What is it that people can't stand about models, that's right, their complete lack of grey matter... Many of them will already be half way to Google to find out what grey matter is, let me help you out, click here (do it anyway, you will want to use it again). So, when you put Business Science Honours Degree and model in the same sentence it makes things horrible confusing, how the #### does that work? Which is what brings me to Robyn Hobson, I studied with her at UCT and had no idea she had anything to do with the whole modeling vibe... Apparently she has a LOT to do with the whole vibe!

Hideous, I know

She has done really well for herself and seems to be on the up and coming list of South Africans making waves. I was impressed, and then spotted her tweet earlier that she was in the new aKing music video, "Against All Odds," now not only is the song rocking, but so is she. Well done china! Not to leave you hanging without the music video, check it out, enjoy!

This girl rocks the social media world and you can catch her on Twitter and her blog. If you head to her blog hoping for skimpy photos of her you will be disappointed, this chick is all about the marketing!

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