Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brand Personalities Rocking Social Media

For all those that are not into the whole Twitter vibe you may be surprised by how many brands have taken to it. I often have spoken about the increasing interest that brands have in evolving their brand personalities (MNET's Gary The Toothfairy, Toyotas Buddie the Boxer, The Windhoek Man, Old Spice, Vodacom's Player 23, etc), and they do this because above the line advertising is more and more being filtered out by their target markets (when was the last time you watched an ad on your PVR?). Brands no longer just need to create a perception of themselves, they now are forced to create an actual relationship with their target markets.

There is a very obvious position that opens up in every company that manages a brand personality to actually "be the brand." I know that sounds like the age old "live the brand" that employees seem to have beaten into them by their organization but i am talking about actually being the brand. Most recently Old Spice has been creating waves through viral videos (and here), their website, Facebook and their sponsored trending topic on Twitter. With every tweet and conversation that goes on there is someone sitting behind a desk who is the "Old Spice Brand."Companies need to decide straight from the beginning how to manage their personalities and who will be carrying out their conversations because if they are not speaking the brand they are going to confuse the target market and will be a significant cost to the company.

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