Friday, July 16, 2010

#FollowFriday #FF - What's The Deal?

This post is really for those who have no idea what is going on with Twitter and to hopefully give those who do something to go away with. Most who have not yet joined are sticking to the argument of "it is just a bunch of peoples status updates!" Well, yeah, sure if you follow the likes of someone like Paris Hilton (note, no link attached) who does not have an intelligent or useful thing to say, "I'm on a plane to London,".... fantastic, life changing, or not!

Twitter I suppose is best described as a way of obtaining all the information you have an interest in, in a completely personalized way. If you are new to the whole Twitter scene you will be surprised how many companies, brands and even high profile personalities use it daily. If you are just getting into it check these guys out, I have broken it down and made it easy for you to figure out who does what. For those of you who are Twitter veterans I guess this is my #FollowFriday list that I would spit out each week if it was not for the fact that it would just get irritating. Please feel free to add a comment with anyone else you can recommend.

Restaurants & Bars - @underthetableCT, @BeerMonkeyZA
Marketing & Advertising - @GabeElliott, @Cherryflava, @Draftfcb, @10and5
Weather - @cpt_weather
Humor & Gen. Entertainment - @hayibo, @donpackett, @RichMulholland

This is really just a small list, I would be here forever if I was going to try and classify everyone that I follow (please don't be offended if you are not on the list). The point is to follow people that benefit you, don't follow your mate for the sake of following him, if all he is doing is telling you about his day catch up with him on Facebook. Does knowing that he just filled up his car really give you any benefit at all?

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