Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jacuzzi Full of English Chicks

Let's be honest guys, we generally are pretty kak at taking in the small details. If you are one of those lucky bastards that actually notices that your girlfriend has had a haircut (without prior knowledge) you have an incredible talent. For most of us they need to have a G.I. Jane crew cut special for us to realize anything has changed. Lynx is all over this very obvious problem and so has set out this campaign to "Wake Up and Stay Alert". How did they do it, easy, a semi-naked Jessica Jane Clement and... really, would you need more?

Again, you really think that for Lynx's target market they would need more? What I enjoy about these is that even though they are all incredibly sexy, they are bloody funny and, if we are honest, not all that far from the truth, enjoy!

And just because I dug up the out takes you get to check those out as well... If you haven't already murdered your internet quota for the month, am sure that if you have you've already bookmarked this page and will be itching for the first of next month.

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