Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Naughtiest City in The World

To promote their new S60 model Volvo ran a campaign around how "naughty" people are. They carried out a very cool social experiment at an organized party without the party people knowing. Apparently Paris  is the naughtiest capital of the world, the video explains it so much better than I ever could so check it out, enjoy!

Awesome, but it does not end at the viral video. When you go through to the website they have some awesome clips of the car and how "naughty" it can be, with four varying levels of naughtiness.

They have linked the website with their Facebook page which is perfect but what is odd is that it takes the user to an Emissions blurb, which, after watching the clips is the last thing you would be thinking about. What I do really like is that they have made the Facebook link subtle and not in your face like a lot of other sites do. the concept of linking websites through social media is still relatively new in South Africa but for a UK based site they have done a great job. Very cool!

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