Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nike, Now in Lingerie

So after my earlier post about the new Toyota Buddy ad I was in dire need of something to get me going again so I went in search of what has been going viral recently. On that note of viral videos there are several sites I usually go shifting through and I find it very interesting that the majority of videos online that go viral are music videos. Being able to head straight to YouTube is so much easier than sitting around waiting for the song to play again on whatever your preferred media channel (all of which are becoming increasingly digital as well).

Because of all of this music being shared through YouTube and other similar social networking sites it has made it very difficult to rank an actual viral. Then again there are some videos that you just know will have been doing the viral rounds and this is one of them. Nike is responsible for this and they took the easy route to viral:

Step 1: Find a model who could stop traffic - Justene Jaro
Step 2: Put above mentioned model who could stop traffic in lingerie
Step 3: Supply above mentioned model who could stop traffic wearing lingerie with a pair of Nike Air Max 90's.
Step 4: Place above ingredients on bed/couch and ad a killer sound track.

You can see where this is going, enjoy!

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