Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weekend Away With @grolschza

Earlier I was hit on twitter with one of the "Have you seen....?" you know them, they are normally from some ass you've never even heard of, with a link that directs you to some stupid website you really couldn't care about. They are hugely irritating and normally leave you wanting to get together an angry mob with stakes and burning torches to hunt them down and cause them grievous bodily harm.

Today that fortunately was not the case, and it was instead Grolsch getting hold of me and letting me know about a competition they are doing for a weekend away in their new, and very magnetic, Grolsch Airstream. I thought it was pretty cool so thought I would share it with you good people. The caravan is one of the new ones at the Old Mac Daddy where you can get away for a weekend and chill-out away from the Mother City. Have a ganders at some of the pics off their Facebook page.

I think it looks awesome and I dig the whole concept of it being magnetic and the fact that it has a full size pin wall. Just very different and pretty cool. To enter for the weekend away just suggest a name for the new Airstream by posting it on their Facebook page... At least as far as I can tell that is what you need to do. Sent my entry in but I know there are a bunch of you that would dig this so I figured I would let you know.

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