Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lets Please Talk Cell-C

Right so this is the vibe, Trevor Noah, a fairly well known South African Comedian got up on stage one night and went off about the kak cellphone service providers in SA. Quite honestly I don't think some of them are so bad, it is the cost that kills me (thank you Vodacom for the Blackberry contract, you have changed my life). Focus! Sweet, back to it, a YouTube clip of Trevor was posted by some chap, SABobbyT and with it being his one and only video upload things are suspicious as it is... It is very entertaining all the same, enjoy!

The Batman and Alfred bit had me in stitches. Moving on swiftly we hit the bit that go my attention which was actually in a lecture I had at varsity. My lecturer pointed out a full page apology letter in the Sunday times (he was half-chuffed to be quoted) that came straight from Lars Reichelt, CEO (will get to this later) of Cell-C. He asked us if we knew what the apology was about, and having not read the paper I stuck up my hand and offered the suggestion that it has to do with their new branding. Check it out.

Apparently it had nothing to do with it, instead it was an apology to Trevor Noah for their kak service and was offering a reason for it. That letter, is right here:

(Click to Enlarge)

So now we have a clip of Trevor Noah on YouTube, an apology letter in print (can see the thought process there?), all of which coincided with their new branding... Coincidence, yea right! Just as a cherry on the top they have created a website and have Trevor endorsing it,, and, HA-PARENTLY  the domain was purchased before the YouTube clip was sent out. Trevor is now their new Customer Experience Officer, CEO, doesn't get better than that does it. 

And, you know what, I think it is awesome. I don't know who is behind their marketing but I think they have done quite a cracking job, even if it is completely obvious that it has been a stunt right from the start. They have never been such a big player and have always been dominated by MTN and Vodacom so it is about bloody time they got their ducks in a line and did something. 

I am certainly not the first to have voiced my opinion about this and would really like to know what you guys think. Let me know.

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