Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Spice Campaign Case Study

There is absolutely no surprise that the Old Spice YouTube channel became the most watched branded channel ever. The company behind it, WK, has released the case study and it is awesome. From the first ad to going viral, to the spoof ads and then to the personalized responses. The sheer number is minblowing, enjoy!

[Source Digital Buzz]

Check out some of their stuff here, and here..... and here.

Terrifying the benchmark that MK and Old spice have created. Has been so exciting and I wonder if they will be taking it further. Will also be fun to see how other brands decide to get their voices out there.

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Anonymous said...

Dig that ad bro, it's pretty crazy how that product developed so quickly! Considering it used to be this nasty old peoples product, I want it now!