Friday, September 17, 2010

Intel Drops Employees off the Roof

You always get that one guy that comes up with some of the most pear shaped ideas possible. At school a friend of mine wanted to get a fire engine on our last day so he could hose down all those teachers who had made our lives a misery for those six long years, those kind of guys. Now how about this Intel chap that went into his bosses office and said "sir, last quarters sales are up, I am now bored, can we drop five employees off the roof onto air mats that will be attached to horns so that we can do the chime?"

Am sure his boos just responded with a blank expression. Sure it took a bit of convincing, and then they actually did it. Intel offices around the world have apparently been competing to create the biggest chime, I think these guys have taken it in this great viral. Enjoy!

Check out the website and become a fan of the bass jump on Facebook. Great piece of viral marketing.

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