Monday, September 20, 2010

The Reason Gyms Rip You Off

I have always been a big fan of getting to the gym and getting my sweat on, all I need are the basics, none of this getting bent out of shape that "I need a pool." Half my friends have said that, and joined gyms like Virgin or Planet Fitness, and I know for a fact that three quarters of them float about as well as an elephant can fly, it really is stupid reasoning. This month I was given a free month at Planet Fitness, I have been once, scared that I contracted some exotic disease the moment I walked in and am have my concerns about going back. Just felt dirty. Then came the "special deals"... give me a break, like you're doing me a favour charging me R500 instead of R700 for something I can get at my current gym for free. For this very reason I have never even contemplated the personal training vibe, besides, I'm a guy and we all have natural gym knowledge as a result of Darwin and the whole evolution thing... Or not.

Only when I started at 360 Specialized Training did I see the light and realize I know very little. So today I took the plunge and took them up on their "special deal" which actually makes sense, 3 personal one-on-one sessions for R300... That I can stomach, the actual training I may not but hell you only live once. The deal is only until the end of the month so if you think you know anything give them a call so they can prove you wrong. Planet "will probably contract herpes" Fitness charges something like R530 for that. 

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