Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a Cracking Viral

Four years ago came out one of the most ridiculous, and most popular viral videos since YouTube began. The Starwars Kid has had almost 19 million views since then, no doubt he has is still in therapy since he never intended the video to go public. For the story check out Wikipedia, and if you have never seen the clip shame on you... I almost feel like a bad person, but you can see it here. Anyway, the scary thing is how quickly it spread and the impact it had, now there is something of a trend, guys act like morons on camera and people want to watch it, think Jackass. Digging through the viral charts earlier I came across this absolute beaut.

Unfortunate looking post-pubescent isn't he, but he has some confidence in his lip syncing abilities and does the most ridiculous music videos. His name is Keenan Cahill (Twitter) and what I quite enjoy is he does not give a shit at all. Even puts a link to a Boston Blog that absolutely tears him to pieces, as a result the exposure he gets is massive. The video was uploaded on August 28th and has had almost 3 million views... Am pretty sure that kicks the socks even 2 Oceans Vibe, enjoy!

Now, how do you take advantage of this from a marketing perspective?

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