Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Without Cellphones

This post has absolutely nothing to do with cellphones, only the idea of not having cellphones in our lives. Ten years ago they were not so big and when we think back, how the hell did we communicate. It was a primitive time and now we can't live without them.

Now to the crux of it. Facebook!

Now don't get all upset because you feel this may be another post about the importance of Facebook in marketing, if you don't know you are seriously misguided and need some insight. The reality is that for pretty much everyone Facebook has become much like our cellphones. Before Facebook how were you supposed to keep up with friends you haven't seen in the last decade, or how did you arrange events, and how the hell would you keep up with everything going on? You have no idea but Facebook has made you a more social person, and that is a fact.

I am sure that many people use Facebook without much concern about how and where it came from. They know some geeky dude at Harvard created it, but the full story is really quite incredible. Mark Zuckerberg (that geeky harvard dude) has become the youngest BILLIONAIRE in the world, are you not even a little curious to find out how? The man has had more of an influence on your life than you might like to beieve.

2oceansvibe was nice enough to sort a bunch of us bloggers out with tickets to a premier on Monday night. The Social Network is the story of Facebook and had it not been for this story our lives and relationships may have been very different. For me, this has been one of the best portrayed movies I have ever seen, even Justin "cry me a river" Timberlake does a fantastic job.

Here is a trailer and I highly recommend it... Hell, if you go, let me know and i will come and watch it again. Enjoy!

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