Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chuck Norris in Czech T-Mobile Campaign

There really is not a hell of a lot I can say here to convince any guy to watch these clips. Walker Texas Ranger, the only man on earth that does not age. He is making an appearance for T-Mobile in their campaign to promote their Christmas promotions. Would love to have a look at the marketing budget of T-Mobile, they are certainly spending a bucket load on campaigns at the moment.

Personally I did find the Chuck Norris jokes got old really quickly, and really, the only ones that could not control themselves were self-confessed jocks. That was probably becasue "it was cool bru". Vernon Koekemoer, the South African Chuck Norris, I think did a better job in the Nandos ads. But here we have them, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

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Murray said...

So glad you enjoy it. Updates will begin again in the next couple of weeks

Anonymous said...

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