Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Geek Ft Gangsta Viral

Back in September I posted a video of Keenan Cahill which had guys in stitches. Keenan is a lip syncing YouTube celebrity who always gets a lot of flack for the videos that he posts. There seem to be some very sour people out there who can't handle a geeky little kid becoming an internet sensation. This will really piss them off.

I would really like to find out the story behind 50 Cent getting involved. Was not what I was expecting at al but this will have boosted the kids credibility and who knows who else will make an appearance. Little viral genius and a great bit of PR for 50 Cent, enjoy!

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Dan said...


Kudo's to this guy for sticking to what he's good at when people slate him. And look where it got him.... 50cent came to his house. Now you KNOW 50cent must have thought this was awesome (or his PR agent at least)