Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot and Not So Hot Advertising at Cape Town International

Allan Gray. That's it really, their billboards are always creative, have a great impact and they have a great one on the way into the airport. I am no green thumb but they have some ivy or something to that effect growing out of pot and through a wire frame of the Allan Gray message.

Then the other piece of advertising that caught me was from Sanlam. Absolutely no idea what agency is responsible but I really thought this was very cool.

And as I am sure you have figured out, both of these are pretty hot pieces of above the line advertising. Was feeling pretty good driving out the other side hoping to be surprised with maybe one last gem. The absolute abomination that I instead was faced with caused me to almost swerve into a lamp post.

There really is not a hell of a lot you can say to accurately portray this thing.


Justine said...

I saw another ad on the N2 that was put up upside down on the billboard. And it's not trying to be clever, because it makes no sense to be upside down!

Murray said...

Who was it for?