Monday, November 1, 2010

Iceberg in Cape Town

A friend of mine has in the last couple of minutes pointed out something that was only too clear from the start but to which i have not accomodated for so well recently. I am talking about those guys who do not get sent viral videos, links to awesome articles, the most recent entertaining ads out (locally and internationally) and all that other good stuff that goes with it.

He asked why I had not posted about the YouTube video of the Ice Berg spotted off Clifton beach. The reason, I was sure that it had been covered enough that there was no need for it to be posted here as well. Apparently not. 

I first came across the video last week through Twitter and thought it was pretty cool and left it at that assuming it was another Puma special (Greenpoint Viral). These guys seem to have pulled it off far better having had a little over six thousand views in a week. Here is the original, enjoy!

Turned out to be a Liqui-Fruit stunt for their Summer Melt Down campaign. You can read the full story and check out the other videos here, and join up with them on Facebook to win some pretty rocking prizes.

[Thanks Donovan for the kick in the ass]

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