Monday, November 22, 2010

Knocking Golfballs off Lions Head

Asking people the most creative way to destroy their wallets came back with some pretty outrageous ideas. One particular dude was convinced he would feed it to hyenas, he was/is a special case and we thought that some humanitarian service would come in if we actually asked him to carry through. So, for the matblac wallet Richard De Villears gets it on condition he carries out the following:

"to micro-wave and liquidize the mentioned wallet, by compressing it into a ball of melted nastiness, and then chipping it off the top of lions head with a 7 iron golf club, it will be evenly distributed on the side of the mountain (and since it is leather, have no adverse effects on the environment)"

So for now, well done and enjoy the potential wallet bro. Until we have photographic evidence we shall hold onto the it. Will try and get a filming of the process involved with embedding a wallet in the side of Table Mountain. Check in later.

To everyone else that entered, don't stress, will be having another competition not long from now.

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