Monday, November 15, 2010

matblac Wallet Giveaway

I have been asked several times before about my wallet from matblac, it is a very trendy, slimline, vital piece of equipment I have where ever I go. Well, matblac found out and has given me one to give away. Here is the matblac vibe and details about how to enter. The wallet is worth R580 and I am not sure I could have made it much easier to enter.

The Vibe
Matblac products are designed for the individual.
We’re talking about products that are crafted with the same passion they were designed with. The kind of products crafted for you by someone so confident of his workmanship that if you feel let down, you can call and tell them yourself.

Matblac strives for its products to exude the Raw Design concept.
Raw Design is about going back to the basics, it’s about the reason you needed the product in the first place. It’s about utility and functionality. Once a product embodies these qualities and is assembled using the finest materials, it becomes timeless.

How to Enter
To enter simply "like" the matblac Facebook page and update your status to the most entertaining way you can think of destroying your old wallet, get creative! Be sure to tag the matblac group in your status so that we can see you have entered. To tag, type "@" and you will then be able to select the matblac group. The winner will be asked to follow through on his/her plan and post photos of the destruction.

Entries close Sunday 19 November.


Maike said...

Awesome!!! I love Matt's wallets (even if I'm a girl). Really think every guy should have one :)

l-zanne said...

Me to !! I'll use a guy's wallet - it's that cool :)