Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Bull Short Films

As much as I can get through the content on the internet at an astonishing rate I always enjoy being sent stuff I would not have otherwise found. This came from a friend of mine who has this severely disturbing fetish for bicycles. Just saying bicycle gets him a little flushed, cross-eyed and incredibly sweaty palmed.

Anyway he sent me this clip which after a bit of digging seems to be doing the viral rounds. Who thought anyone could be so interested in a little man on a little bike, and then you watch it. Red Bull are once again the ones behind it, and it is very cool. Would be awesome if we all had such skills. People I have seen attempt things like this are normally drunk, middle-aged men on their daughters pink bikes with training wheels still attached. The result is usually at the very least a broken nose. Hard to decide which of these would be more entertaining, enjoy!

[Thanks Trist]

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