Friday, February 4, 2011

Volkswagon Over To the Dark Side

There is nothing more I can do but apologize and send myself to bed with no dinner tonight for the lack of blogging that has been going on over the last three months. I am truly sorry, the excuse is that I am working to update the blog and it is taking more time than I thought. On that note if there is a photoshop genius out there willing to do a banner for me for very little pay, if any, let me know.

Anyway, to the main event. Was sent a link to this ad and I really enjoy it. Gathering by the 4.5 million odd views it has had I am not the only one.

Volkswagon has this lightie running around the house in his Darth Vader outfit trying to use "The Force" to move objects. The poor kid is a pretty miserable dark lord and only when the old man gets home does he look about as excited as a fat kid in a pie factory. Enjoy!

Thanks Minx!

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